Leri Miles at The Thrift Shop 6.0

The Thrift Shop 6.0 begins on the 10th of September and will be as amazing as ever.  Leri Miles Designs has some awesome goodies for you there too!  Check these out.  Each dress is only 75L!  Amazing!

Thrift Shop 6.0 Kina Dress Aqua Kina Dress Blueberry Kina Dress Blush Kina Dress Bubblegum Kina Dress Coffee Kina Dress Gold Kina Dress Latte Kina Dress Lime Kina Dress Mint Kina Dress Peach Kina Dress Rouge Kina Dress Sage Kina Dress Silver Kina Dress Sky Kina Dress Turquoise Kina Dress Wisteria

Leri Miles at Designer Showcase

We have some gorgeous new Kickin’ Heels for this round of Designer Showcase.  They come in all these fabulous colours, but remember you will need your Slink High Feet to wear them.  Grab the taxi HERE to go take a looksee.

Amethyst Silver Sapphire Rubellite Peridot Onyx Gold Garnet Emerald Aquamarine

Leri Miles Designs Debuts Lexi At Theme Park

LMD Ad Display Lexy Dress Midnight


Leri Miles Designs has created a new mesh dress named Lexi for Theme Park this week.  Lexi is a great Retro dress with a fun flower pattern along the bottom. It comes in 8 great summer shades and only costs 125 L each for the duration of Theme Park.

LMD Ad MP Lexy Dress Aqua


LMD Ad MP Lexy Dress Sky


LMD Ad MP Lexy Dress Lime


LMD Ad MP Lexy Dress Lilac


LMD Ad MP Lexy Dress Lemon


LMD Ad MP Lexy Dress Cotton


LMD Ad MP Lexy Dress Bubblegum


LMD Ad MP Lexy Dress Midnight




Leri Miles Designs Helps You Channel Your Inner Fashionista

LMD Ad Display Nancoix Pantsuit Pink Lemonade


Leri Miles Designs has released a fantastic new jumpsuit named Nancoix for the District 5 event going on now. This event is divided into distinct sections and we are into the rich and beautiful Hamptons. For this setting, Leri made this pantsuit very fashion forward, with a great cut and great colour.

You can add your own accessories to make this a really amazing fashionista outfit and you can get it for just 175L at  the LMD shop at District 5 today.

LMD Ad MP Nancoix Pantsuit Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

LMD Ad MP Nancoix Pantsuit Flame


LMD Ad MP Nancoix Pantsuit Latte


LMD Ad MP Nancoix Pantsuit Midnight


LMD Ad MP Nancoix Pantsuit Pink Lemonade


LMD Ad MP Nancoix Pantsuit Valley


LMD Ad MP Nancoix Pantsuit Wisteria




Leri Miles Designs Brings Out A New Outfit For Lazy Sunday

LMD Ad Display Frances-My Capris Paisley


Leri Miles Designs has brought out a new design this weekend for Lazy Sunday. It’s already out in the store so those of you that expect to have a busy Sunday can pick it up. We have created 6 new paisley sunny bright versions of our Frances Blouse and to mix and match with it we have made 6 new summer version of our My Capris’ pants. These are on this weekend for just 75L so grab them while you can.

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Paisley Berries-Lilac

Berries And Lilac

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Paisley Mono-Seafoam

Mono And Seafoam

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Paisley Sky-Tangerine

Sky And Tangerine

LMD Ad MP My Capris Blue Raspberry-Coral

Blue Raspberry And Coral

LMD Ad MP My Capris Grape-Honeydew

Grape And Cantaloupe

LMD Ad MP My Capris Lemon-Lime

Lemon And Lime

Leri Miles Designs In Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt



Leri Miles Designs is taking part in the new hunt Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt and Leri has made a special version of our Ilona II Tank and Skirt set. This outfit will only be available for this hunt, which goes from August 1st to 31st. The prizes are just 5L each.

Our hint is “Find Oksana and you will find me, just remember the store has more floors than you may think!”


Darla Adds Some Slinky Sexy Style To 60 Linden Weekend

LMD Ad Display Darla Dress Aqua


Leri Miles Designs is releasing this fantastic new dress called Darla, and we are releasing it on sale this weekend for the 60L Weekend Event! This dress is at it’s heart a sexy mesh tube dress with great shading done by Leri, to heighten your curves and create the illusion of real fabric on a real body. It’s available in the 8 great summer shades below, and as always we have a free demo for you to try.

Grab this dress while it’s just 60L before it goes up to it’s normal post sale price!

LMD Ad MP Darla Dress Tangerine-Strawberry

Tangerine and Strawberry

LMD Ad MP Darla Dress Lime-Lemon

Lime and Lemon

LMD Ad MP Darla Dress Grape-Bubblegum

Grape and Bubblegum

LMD Ad MP Darla Dress Blueberry-Aqua

Blueberry and Aqua



Leri Miles Designs Romps Into The July Round Of Designer Showcase

LMD Ad Display Julia Romper Cotton Candy


Designer Showcase has moved this month, but we moved with it, and have this great Romper waiting for you at it’s new location. So don’t use your old landmarks, use the link above and you’ll land at the right spot! This romper is mesh and comes in all the standard sizes and of course as always we have a free demo so you can try it on to make sure it looks great on you at no risk. This romper is debuting at Designer Showcase for just 75L, a price you can’t go wrong at so grab it before the end of the month.

LMD Ad MP Julia Romper Seafoam


LMD Ad MP Julia Romper Sky


LMD Ad MP Julia Romper BWBlack & White

LMD Ad MP Julia Romper Cotton CandyCotton Candy

LMD Ad MP Julia Romper Goldrush


LMD Ad MP Julia Romper LatteLatte

LMD Gets Just A Little Naughty

LMD Ad Display Frances-MyCapris Cherry

Leri Miles Designs is at the new fashion event premiering this month called The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair. We are releasing the new top, pants and shoes seen in the photo above, all at great release prices!

The top is called The Frances Blouse in split tones. We are offering it in 6  great black and colour combos. These great tops are on sale at the fair for just 75L each!

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Navy-Onyx-Sage & Onyx

Navy/Onyx and Sage/Onyx

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Cranberry-Onyx-Eggplant & Onyx

Cranberry/Onyx and Eggplant/Onyx

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Cherry-Onyx-Cotton& Onyx

Cherry/Onyx and Mono/Onyx

The pants are available in 6 matching shades, and are also selling for just 75L.

LMD Ad MP My Capris Onyx -Sage

Onyx and Sage

LMD Ad MP My Capris Eggplant-Navy

Eggplant and Navy

LMD Ad MP My Capris Cherry-Cranberry

Cherry and Cranberry

Our Mallory Heels come in 6 matching colours which along with going perfectly with this outfit are sure to go with tons of things in your inventory, and are just 150L. They fit Slink mid feet for easy wearing and colour matching your skin.

LMD Ad MP Mallory Heels Eggplant-Mono

Eggplant & Mono

LMD Ad MP Mallory Heels Navy-Sage

Navy & Sage

LMD Ad MP Mallory Heels Cherry-Cranberry

Cherry & Cranberry

The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair - Logo


Leri Miles Designs Makes Summer Magic For Theme Park

LMD Ad Display Joan-My Capris-Foam Sandals for Theme Park


It’s time for June Theme Park and the theme for this round is Summer. Leri Miles has designed a fantastic summer outfit that is perfect for a myriad of summer activities. It includes a short mesh top, mesh capris and mesh foam sandals for your SLink flat feet.  It’s a perfect outfit already matched for you. You can grab it all for just 275L which is less then just the shoes would cost you in many shops!

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