Our First Lola Applier Dress!

LMD Ad Display Katerina Dress Aqua


We have made our first dress with Lola appliers named Katerina for the She & Him sales event. This lovely shot cocktail style gown has the appliers included and comes in 10 colours for just 250L or the addicts pack for 1750L.  Here are the colours the outfit comes in..

LMD Ad MP Katerina Dress Aqua-blush

Aqua and Blush

LMD Ad MP Katerina Dress Golden-Lilac

Golden and Lilac

LMD Ad MP Katerina Dress Lime-Mint

Lime and Mint

LMD Ad MP Katerina Dress Peachy-Rouge

Peach and Rouge

LMD Ad MP Katerina Dress Silver-Sky

Siver and Sky

Candy Fair Promo #1

The Candy Fair has come to SL for the first time, presenting a world of candy coloured items from designers of all types to beat back the coming fall. Leri Miles Designs is proud to be one of the fair’s sponsors and we have a big shop in Sim 2 that you need to check out!. Every shop has a fair exclusive design and we are no different. Leri took one of my favourite dresses, the Deborah dress, and created a bevy of candy shades for the fair. These dresses are 99L each until the fair is over on October 18th.

LMD Ad MP Deborah Dress Scarlet-Pumpkin&Violet-Lemon

Scarlet & Pumpkin and Violet & Lemon

LMD Ad MP Deborah Dress Pumpkin-Sky&Rose-Pumpkin

Pumpkin & Sky and Rose & Pumpkin

LMD Ad MP Deborah Dress Aqua-Lemon& Aqua-Sky

Aqua & Lemon and Aqua & Sky

LMD Ad MP Livia Jacket Quilt Addict Pack 60L ea 10-5_10-6

This weekend we have a new release at Leri Miles Designs the Livia quilted jacket. This is a great fall and winter jacket that looks wonderful over numerous clothing options. The open front lets you to mix and match it your favourite outfits. This is on sale til Monday, so grab it for 60L each while the sale is on.


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