Leri Miles Designs Is In The Body Modification Expo

Body Modification Flier 2013


Leri Miles Designs is in the newest design expo to hit SL, The Body Modification Expo.  We have a bevy of new items out for the fair, both alone and working with other designers. The first new item is a set of new mesh wool  scarves.  These scarves named Ruthie come in some great pale colours, which are had to find in winter wear and are just 100L each.

LMD Ad MP Ruthie Scarf Lilac-horz

Lilac and Mint

LMD Ad MP Ruthie Scarf Bubblegum-Latte

Bubblegum and Latte

LMD Ad MP Ruthie Scarf Aqua-Blush

Aqua and Blush

LMD Ad MP Ruthie Scarf Sunshine-Wisteria

Sunshine and Wisteria

Another new accessory we have put out for this event is our new Scrunchy Bag. This purse is fun and funky, with a unique shape that will have people wondering where you got it.  This bag is just 100L each.

LMD Ad MP Scrunchy Bag Stripey-Woody

Stripey and Woody

LMD Ad MP Scrunchy Bag Jester-Seashell

Jester and Seashell

LMD Ad MP Scrunchy Bag Autumn-Floral

Autumn and Floral

In our shop at the event, we have 3 purses called Mood Swingers by Jaded Kisses Designs which is a collaboration of Leri Miles & Hanna Redrose. These purses cost 100L each

JDK Mood Swinger 14

JDK Mood Swinger 13

JDK Mood Swinger 11

Also in the shop are some great poses with props by {NanTra}

The first is a set of 6 poses with a broom and a pitch fork called Halloween Witch Devil and it sells for 250L

{NanTra} Witchy_Devil_ad


The second set is a fantastic pouffe with is texture change for 9 textures. There are 6 individual poses and 6 mirror poses. There is a broom included for one of the poses. This sells for 499L.

{NanTra} Dita von Pouffe - Halloween Edition Ad



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