Leri Miles Designs Is In Lazy Sunday

LMD Ad Display Lanna Solid Emerald


Leri Miles Designs has this cute vest top combo named Lanna in the Lazy Sunday event this week.  This mesh top comes in 8 colours, all with a white top and a different coloured vest. The bright colours will liven up any wardrobe without being garish.

The item is 75L until we finish the Lazy Sunday sale, then it will go up to the normal store price.

LMD Ad MP Lanna Top Solid Emerald-Fushia

Emerald and Fushia

LMD Ad MP Lanna Top Solid Onyx-Ruby

Onyx and Ruby

 LMD Ad MP Lanna Top Solid Gold-Latte


Gold and Latte

LMD Ad MP Lanna Top Solid Sapphire-Teal

Sapphire and Teal


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