Leri Miles Designs Joins Fall In Love Event

Finesmith - Love Fall Poster Final


Starting today, a new event is starting in Second Life, it is Fall In Love. This event covers everything about romance and passion in SL. Here at Leri Miles Designs we have created a dress for those who like their romance with a little less flowers,lace and pastel colours and want leather and bold colours instead. After all romance comes in all sorts of varieties.

LMD Ad Display Stevie Dress Pink


Our Stevie Mesh Dress comes with included appliers for Lolas mesh breasts but are of course look great without them too.  It comes in 8 strong fabric colours matched with black leather textures for you to choose from , and for those that can’t choose our fatpacks are 30% off.

LMD Ad MP Stevie Dress Eggplant-EmeraldEggplant & Emerald

LMD Ad MP Stevie Dress Onyx-Pink

Onyx and Pink

LMD Ad MP Stevie Dress Red-Sage

Red and Sage

LMD Ad MP Stevie Dress Spice-Sapphire

Spice and Sapphire

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