Leri Miles Designs Releases The Tapika Dress

LMD Ad Display Tapika Blue Advent 17

Leri Miles Designs has brought out a full line of her new Tapika dress. The colour above was only available for our Advent Calendar, but I wanted to show you how the dress looked worn. The below 8 colours are available right now in the store for just 75L. How long that great price will last I don’t know so pick it up soon before it goes up to the regular post-sale price.

LMD Ad MP Tapika Purple-Red

Purple and Red

LMD Ad MP Tapika Heather-Pink

 Heather and Pink

LMD Ad MP Tapika Camel-Green

Camel and Green

LMD Ad MP Tapika Spice-Teal

Spice and Teal

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