Leri Miles Designs Reid Coat Debuts At Designer Showcase

LMD Ad Display Reid Coat


Leri Miles Designs is in this month’s Designer Showcase debuting our newest design, our Reid Coat. This coat is a beautifully draped mesh coat in the 5 standard sizes.  This coat can be worn alone or with a system top of your choice under it. The Read Coat is made in a variety of beautiful colours, and all of these are just 75L this month during the duration of the Showcase event. So get them now while they are at this special discount price! There is a demo available for free so you can see how great this coat looks on you.

LMD Ad MP Reid Coat Eggplant-Silver&Midnight and ScarletEggplant with Silver and Midnight with Scarlet

LMD Ad MP Reid Coat Teal-Violet&Violet-Teal

Teal with Violet and Violet with Teal

LMD Ad MP Reid Coat Scarlet-Midnight&Silver-Eggplant

Scarlet with Midnight and Silver with Eggplant

LMD Ad MP Reid Coat Pumpkin-Sage&Sage-Pumpkin

Pumpkin with Sage and Sage with Pumpkin

LMD Ad MP Reid Coat Lemon-Blueberry&Lilac-Hunter

Lemon with Blueberry and Lilac with Hunter

LMD Ad MP Reid Coat Gold-Cranberry&Hunter-Lilac

Gold with Cranberry and Hunter and Lilac

LMD Ad MP Reid Coat Chocolate-Bubblegum&Cranberry-Gold

Chocolate with Bubblegum and Cranberry with Gold

LMD Ad MP Reid Coat Blueberry-Lemon& Bubblegum-Chocolate

Blueberry with Lemon and Bubblegum with Chocolate

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