Leri Miles Designs Releases Our Hahn Blouse For The Theme Park

LMD Ad Display Hahn Blouse Violet


Leri Miles Designs is in this month’s round of The Theme Park.  We are debuting our new mesh blouse, Hahn, for the event, in 10 great vibrant colours. The blouse is on sale for just a 99L for the duration of the event so grab it before it goes up to it’s normal post sale price!

LMD Ad MP Hahn Blouse Teal-VioletTeal and Violet

LMD Ad MP Hahn Blouse Chocolate-Cobalt

Chocolate and Cobalt

LMD Ad MP Hahn Blouse Emerald-Forest

Emerald and Forest

LMD Ad MP Hahn Blouse Merlot-Rouge

Merlot and Rouge

LMD Ad MP Hahn Blouse Rust-Scarlet

Rust and Scarlet

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