LMD Gets Just A Little Naughty

LMD Ad Display Frances-MyCapris Cherry

Leri Miles Designs is at the new fashion event premiering this month called The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair. We are releasing the new top, pants and shoes seen in the photo above, all at great release prices!

The top is called The Frances Blouse in split tones. We are offering it in 6  great black and colour combos. These great tops are on sale at the fair for just 75L each!

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Navy-Onyx-Sage & Onyx

Navy/Onyx and Sage/Onyx

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Cranberry-Onyx-Eggplant & Onyx

Cranberry/Onyx and Eggplant/Onyx

LMD Ad MP Frances Blouse Cherry-Onyx-Cotton& Onyx

Cherry/Onyx and Mono/Onyx

The pants are available in 6 matching shades, and are also selling for just 75L.

LMD Ad MP My Capris Onyx -Sage

Onyx and Sage

LMD Ad MP My Capris Eggplant-Navy

Eggplant and Navy

LMD Ad MP My Capris Cherry-Cranberry

Cherry and Cranberry

Our Mallory Heels come in 6 matching colours which along with going perfectly with this outfit are sure to go with tons of things in your inventory, and are just 150L. They fit Slink mid feet for easy wearing and colour matching your skin.

LMD Ad MP Mallory Heels Eggplant-Mono

Eggplant & Mono

LMD Ad MP Mallory Heels Navy-Sage

Navy & Sage

LMD Ad MP Mallory Heels Cherry-Cranberry

Cherry & Cranberry

The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair - Logo

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