Darla Adds Some Slinky Sexy Style To 60 Linden Weekend

LMD Ad Display Darla Dress Aqua


Leri Miles Designs is releasing this fantastic new dress called Darla, and we are releasing it on sale this weekend for the 60L Weekend Event! This dress is at it’s heart a sexy mesh tube dress with great shading done by Leri, to heighten your curves and create the illusion of real fabric on a real body. It’s available in the 8 great summer shades below, and as always we have a free demo for you to try.

Grab this dress while it’s just 60L before it goes up to it’s normal post sale price!

LMD Ad MP Darla Dress Tangerine-Strawberry

Tangerine and Strawberry

LMD Ad MP Darla Dress Lime-Lemon

Lime and Lemon

LMD Ad MP Darla Dress Grape-Bubblegum

Grape and Bubblegum

LMD Ad MP Darla Dress Blueberry-Aqua

Blueberry and Aqua



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