LMD @ Designer Showcase

For some places in the world the 1st of December signals the beginning of winter and so Leri has produced these lovely scarves just in time for those snowier SL days.  You will find these at the Designer Showcase which begins today.

LMD Ad MP Margene Scarf Addict Pack

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Random Shopper of the Day #4

We have another winner!  Congrats to

Winner's Name 4

I am pleased to say that Kristy has won 200L in store credit for buying a LMD product at The Thrift Shop 7.0.  For more info on how to get into these draws, check out the post HERE.

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LMD at My Attic @ The Deck

LMD is at My Attic @ The Deck and we have this fabulous ensemble for you.  We have now added all these great colours.

  Make sure you race over and check the revamped venue out!

LMD Ad Display Sasy Jacket and Skirt Addict Pack LMD Ad Display Sasy Jacket and Skirt Coffee LMD Ad Display Sasy Jacket and Skirt Emerald LMD Ad Display Sasy Jacket and Skirt Midnight LMD Ad Display Sasy Jacket and Skirt Scarlet

LMD Ad Display Sasy Jacket and Skirt

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Random Shopper of the Day #3

Yes, it is another Random Shopper of the Day and this time it is:

Winner's Name 3

Congratulations, Kona!  You have won a 15oL credit to use at the Leri Miles Designs mainstore or at any other event where LMD is participating.

As for the rest of you, there will be another draw this week so get shopping at any LMD site!

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Random Shopper of the Day #2

We have another LMD Random Shopper of the Day to announce and our winner is:

Winner's Name 2

Maddie has won 100L in credit at the LMD mainstore or to spend on items currently involved in events around the place!


Remember to be in this draw all you have to do is buy any LMD item from the mainstore or at events we are in. Simple as that!!

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Random Shopper of the Day

We have our first Random Shopper of the Day!  Our lucky winner is

Winner's Name

who has won

200L of store credit!!

Remember all you have to do is shop with LMD and buy items from the mainstore or from the events we are involved in.

For more information go HERE.

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LMD @ The Thrift Shop

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more events this month…there is!  Yes, LMD is in The Thrift Shop which is due to start on  Sun Nov 9th.  This is a great event and worth a visit.

These sexy high-waited pants are a must-have for your autumn/winter wardrobe and look fab on!

LMD Ad Display Sexy Satin Slacks LMD Ad MP Sexy Satin Slacks Addict Pack

And the gacha items are these pretty nails for SLink hands and feet:

LMD Gacha Display Cupcake Nails

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Fun and Games @ LMD

I decided that with the Halloween fun over we all need a bit of cheering up, and I thought the best way of doing that was to give away free stuff! Of course!

So, I asked Leri while she wasn’t really listening and she said yes to my idea.

As a result… for the month of November I will be doing…


Random Shopper Days

Basically what that means is that I pick a day or two or three each week and give away a spot prize of store credit to anyone who has bought a Leri Miles Designs item that day.

Soooo, (as an example) if on Friday I decide that this is RSD (Random Shopper Day) I will pick a number (say, 7) and then go over the transactions, count down and find the person who is number 7 on the list. That lucky shopper will then receive a store credit of NO LESS than 100L.

Winners will be announced on the website and I will also contact them by notecard.

And….cos I am sooooo nice (cough), shoppers can include ANYONE who purchased a LMD item including items from the mainstore or any event that LMD is currently involved in. This does not, however, include hunt items or anything free (demos etc).

Store credit will be for the mainstore and so lucky shoppers will be free to use this to purchase male and female fashion, or bags and shoes.

To make it even more fun (well, for me anyway) I will be using the random number generator found here.

I guess that all is left to say is…


Arya Braveheart

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LMD @ Designer Showcase

The events are piling up and it is only going to get worse…or better, depending on your wallet!  This time LMD is at Designer Showcase.and we have the stylish Demi II Top and Classic Slacks which are a must have for your autumn wardrobe.  They come in a range of fab colors and you can buy the pants and top separately to suit your taste.

LMD Ad Display Demi II & Classic Slacks

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LMD @ Room 69

Wow!  Another post!  There is so much going on at the moment that my fingers are flicking across the keyboard to try and keep up.  The good news for you is that this means more awesome items for you to enjoy!  This time it is at Room 69.

Check out this little navy number which is also available in forest, brown, pink, purple, red, sage and teal.  Colors for everyone!  Wear it as is or add some tights and be ready for winter!

LMD Ad Display Samantha Dress Navy

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