Leri Miles Designs Has Kimmie On Sale For 60L

LMD Ad Display Kimmie Outfit Red


Leri Miles Designs is having a sale on our Kimmi outfit this weekend, all 10 colours are on sale for just 60L. This outfit has never been in the store before, just having appeared in one Christmas event, so it will be brand new to many of you. This is a combined mesh outfit, the top and pants together, so it won’t have the usual mesh top and bottom problem of the bottoms peeking out at all the wrong times.

Check out the colours below and come pick up this superbly textured knit mesh.

LMD Ad MP Kimmie Outfit Black and Blue

Black and Blue

LMD Ad MP Kimmie Outfit Purple-Red

Purple and Red

LMD Ad MP Kimmie Outfit Sage-Teal

Sage and Teal

LMD Ad MP Kimmie Outfit Golden-Pink

Gold and Pink

LMD Ad MP Kimmie Outfit Brown & Emerald

Brown and Emerald

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